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General Dentistry

Our general services include routine and bi-annual exams and oral health screenings to maintain the look and health of your teeth.
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Emergency Dentistry

When sudden oral trauma strikes, you can depend on us to restore your teeth quickly. We offer same-day appointments for dental emergencies.
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Teeth Cleaning

We use the latest dental tools to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.
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If you have a cavity, we can fill it. Our customized fillings fit the cavity's size and shape.
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Mouth Guards

We develop mouth guards to protect the mouth and teeth from impacts and injuries. We can customize yours to fit your mouth precisely.
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Dental Implants

If you're missing one or multiple teeth, our implants can restore your smile. They'll return your chewing, speaking, and smiling back to normal.
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Crowns & Bridges

Our cosmetic crowns cover damaged or discolored teeth with a shiny white cap, while bridges fill missing gaps.
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Make your teeth right and beautiful with cosmetic veneers. Our veneers hide discoloration and staining so patients can smile confidently again.
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Sleep Apnea

We provide nighttime mouth guards for patients with sleep apnea. Reduce snoring, improve breathing, and get better sleep with our solutions.
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TMJD is a painful and disruptive condition. Our mouth guards for TMJD carefully realign the jaw and prevent tooth grinding during sleep.
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Clear Braces

Our clear braces offer patients the clearest, most comfortable solutions for straightening and aligning teeth.

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